Sunbelt Machine Works Corp. is a privately-owned precision machine shop providing CNC machining and custom tooling to support the plastic injection, geophysical, marine, medical, aerospace, and manufacturers of consumer related products for over 41 years.

Since 1978, Sunbelt has distinguished itself by providing beyond the ordinary machining services on hard-to-build items difficult-to-machine exotic materials, and items having critical close tolerances. Sunbelt's philosophy, from the beginning, has been to establish long-term customer relationships by providing quality products at competitive cost combined with on-time delivery.

The hallmarks of SUNBELT's success are its commitment to quality, its dedication to customer service, the implementation of sophisticated technology, and employing the best people. 

Commitment to quality at Sunbelt is not a trite expression but a focused deliberate effort. Sunbelt employees are empowered to be involved. Quality in workmanship at Sunbelt is a way of life, everyday, every hour, and in every machining process. 

It's doing the job right the first time.